PB GOOSEY - The builders Christchurch trusts
PB GOOSEY - The builders Christchurch trusts
Health and Safety
We are committed to the Health and Safety of our staff and sub-contractors

Site Safe logo PB Goosey Ltd is committed to the Health and Safety of its staff and sub-contractors. We take pride in our reputation of no major incidents on our sites. PB Goosey employs a Health and Safety officer who completes audits on all sites to make sure that all sites are kept safe and all staff and sub-contractors are completing their work in a safe manner.

PB Goosey have adopted the Safe6 Health and Safety approach developed by Fletchers EQR with the goal of no significant injuries on PB Goosey sites. For more information on Fletcher EQR’s Safe6 programme click here.

PB Goosey is also a member of Sitewise which is a Health and Safety evaluation programme which was developed to ensure that all contractors working in the Canterbury rebuild have robust Health and Safety systems in place. PB Goosey prides itself on our commitment to Health and Safety and have been rated ‘Green’ on Sitewise traffic light rating system.

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