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PB GOOSEY - The builders Christchurch trusts
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about PB Goosey painting and building services

  1. Why should I choose PB Goosey?

    PB Goosey have over 60 years’ experience in the trades. We take the time needed for a professional quality job. Learn more about us here.

  2. How much will my job cost?

    Each job is different. Even on some small jobs costs can vary. Costs that are often overlooked are health and safety requirements such as scaffolding or roof edge protection. Because of this it is hard to provide an estimate for a job without visiting the site. We are more than happy to come and provide a quote.

  3. Can you provide architectural drawing/engineering services?

    We work closely with many other businesses that can provide these services and are more than happy to organise these on your behalf.

  4. Do we require a building consent?

    It depends on the work being done. Minor repairs even to foundations are often able to be completed without a consent. If a consent is required we will be able to identify this before any work begins.

  5. Do we need scaffolding?

    It depends on the job. There are new health and safety regulations that often require even the smallest jobs have some form of scaffolding. There are however alternative options that can be used in some situations to keep costs down such as cherry pickers, roof edge protection, mobile scaffolding etc. At the end of the day our obligation is to keep anyone on our sites safe including our clients.

  6. When is the best time to paint?

    Most paint products require a minimum temperature of 10C. You should generally avoid painting in extremely hot or cold conditions. There are some winter grade paints that can be applied in colder weather but not below 4C.

  7. What level of plastering do I require?

    It depends on what part of your home/business is being plastered. Generally a level four finish is sufficient for most interior plastering. Occasionally a level five finish is required for critical light issues and in some situations a level 3 or lower finish is used for areas where heavy grade wallcoverings are being applied.

  8. Can I go on site during construction.

    There are a number of hazards on a building site. It is our responsibility to make sure that these hazards are managed in an appropriate way to avoid any serious injury. Although we understand that it is your property, this may mean at times you are unable to visit the site without supervision.

  9. What happens if additional work is required once work starts?

    We can provide a variation cost for any additional work with your approval.

  10. When will I get a code of compliance certificate?

    If your job requires a code of compliance prior to completion a notice of inspection will have to be completed by the council. This means the work has been completed to Code Compliance Stage as per the building consent requirements. All councils have 20 working days to issue a Code of Compliance certificate.